Advantages of Using Mark J. Muller Equities, Inc.

Dennis and Booth

Based in New York, New York, we are set-up to handle execution for institutional business. Our experienced traders have over 100 years of cumulative knowledge trading equity and options markets. Our experienced staff works with your traders in focus names to help your trading desk manage risk levels. Our experienced brokers with over 33 years of equity trading experience specialize in providing seamless execution of IPO's and Follow-On Offerings. Our expertise allows constant interaction with your traders and sales staff to control price and risk on the openings and into the close.

Anonymous Trading

Mark J. Muller Equities, Inc., provides you with the strictest confidentiality of client trading by utilizing Anonymous Access to market trading. Our trading capabilities gives us parity at-the-point-of-sale and precise price and volume information from the market open to the close.


Leverage our experience when traders on your desk are off the clock—without sacrificing coverage. Our team offers execution services for customers seeking greater flexibility, execution speed, and enhanced representation during the NYSE close. Our methods give us an improved efficiency and speed of closing orders. We also offer increased transparency on the market close. We provide a variable cost option to lower your overall execution costs.

The D-Quote Advantage

D-Quote allows for parity and to expand access to the NYSE closing sale by approximately 15 minutes. Unlike Market-on-Close (MOC) and Limit-on-Close (LOC) orders that must be entered no later than 3:45 p.m. and cannot be canceled or modified, Muller Equities Trading Team offer transparency, flexibility, and market access for our clients via D-Quotes on the close. D-Quotes can be transmitted to our trading team up to 3:59:50 p.m. This allows for greater flexibility of our clients orders by approximately 15 minutes. D-Quotes orders can be entered on either side of the market into the close, regardless of published imbalance. D-quote order flow is hidden in the NYSE closing imbalance feed until it is published at 3:55 p.m. Customers have the opportunity to cancel if they see that they are on the wrong side of the imbalance.