Mark J. Muller Equities, Inc. Trading Capabilities

Bobby Moran

Our alliances provide clients with direct access to all exchanges and all ECN's through our Global Smart Router, multiple relations with floor brokers, market makers, and our NYSE Euronext and NASDAQ/OMX operations.

Market Access

Muller Equities provides liquidity access and execution on a number of equity products. These products are the following:

• Access to all US Equity Markets via Direct Market Access
• Equities Listed on the New York Stock Exchange Euronext Trading Floor
• Unlisted Trading Privileges of NASDAQ Listed Equities Entitled to Trade on the       NYSE and Over-The-Counter NASDAQ Listed Equities
• Listed and Unlisted Exchange Traded Funds 
• D-Quotes Give Our Clients Greater Flexibility Entering Their Orders for the
  NYSE Close. All D-Quote Orders Must Be Entered No Later than 3:59:50 p.m.


• American Depository Receipts (ADR's)
• Program Trading, Basket Trading of Equities at Open/Close


• Anonymous (Dark Only) Algorithm
• Access to Approximately 80 Liquidity Pools

Participation Pricing Strategies

• Volume Pricing
• Dynamic Pricing

Capital Markets

• Block Trades
• Initial Public Offerings (IPO's)
• Back Book Risk
• Follow On Offerings

Trading Strategies & Liquidity Access

• Target Close
• Benchmark Strategies
• Limit on the Close (LOC)
• Market on the Close (MOC)
• Global Auction
• 10b-18 Corporate Buybacks
• Implementation Shortfall
• Time Weighted Average Price
 • Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for Interval & Full Trading Day
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